Democracy Happens™ Network

Websites for Grassroots Congressional Advocacy Groups


Websites for Indivisible – Inspired Grassroots Congressional Advocacy Groups

If you have started a local Congressional Advocacy group and are looking for a place to host a website, Democracy Happens is pleased to offer:

  • Websites and online communication tools specifically designed and automatically set up to serve “Indivisible Groups” and other progressive Congressional Advocacy groups!
  • Independent from corporate social media
  • Secured with SSL and the strong website security
  • Backed by Snowboard Mommy Productions, LLC of Bend, Oregon: an expert in making niche web hosting easy for small groups!
  • The service will be free for “founding” members (eg: started now at the beginning); eventually there will be a nominal annual fee to cover the costs of running the network.

If you would like to form, or have already formed, your own group and are interested in hosting a website for your group at, please use this form to contact Democracy Happens: