Democracy Happens™ Network

Websites for Grassroots Congressional Advocacy Groups


The Democracy Happens Network is a Corporate Social Responsibility or “CSR” project of Snowboard Mommy Productions, LLC. Snowboard Mommy Productions provides websites for progressive congressional advocacy groups, many of which were inspired by the “Indivisible Guide”.

Please note that neither Snowboard Mommy Productions or Democracy Happens are a registered non-profit.

As a professional web developer, Snowboard Mommy decided to offer Democracy Happens for the benefit of grassroots congressional advocacy groups so that they could have a website that is already geared for managing a small group and that is independent of corporate social media and ad-free.

Snowboard Mommy’s financial goal in charging for the Democracy Happens Network, if that happens, would be to keep the network ad-free, to cover expenses & make modest stipend for her efforts.

Snowboard Mommy decided to use the .org extension for the Democracy Happens Network because most of the groups that use this site are affinity groups and operate in conjunction with a non-profit national group including Indivisible Guide and

Please note that at this time there are no regulations governing how .org domains can be used; many popular .orgs are actually for profit businesses and just aren’t as honest about it as Snowboard Mommy is!

If you have any questions, you can contact Democracy Happens using the contact form.

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